What we do

We build “smart client” solutions for companies that run on de desktop as well as in the internet browser. For this, we use Eclipse RCP en Eclipse RAP because these frameworks integrate both worlds perfectly which promises a rich, fast and intuitive user experience.

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Built on Open-Source Eclipse RCP/RAP
Eclipse RCP/RAP is an industry-proven framework based on open standards and is part of the Eclipse Foundation, an open-source community. The usage is completely license-cost free.

Native look and feel
Eclipse RCP runs fast and faultless on a variety of OS'es: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista en Windows 7, Apple OSX en Linux. It even takes the look and feel of the OS.

Applications which are built with Eclipse RCP, employ the power of your desktop pc and therefore are fast and less dependant of the available network bandwidth and load on application servers.

Single sourcing
Often business applications are built as web applications in order to profit from accessibility from the Internet. Unfortunately, doing so, the application looses a lot of functionality and ease of use. With Eclipse RCP/RAP we are able to roll-out a desktop application as well as a web application, all this from one single source code.  This allows a company to offer both platforms to it's users without any extra cost or loss of functionality.

Fast and intuitive interfaces 
Our UI designers build attractive, clear and ergonomic UI interfaces such that it is a real asset to a company's employees.

Because of it's modular architecture a company can extend its applications endlessly as an Eclipse RCP/RAP applicaton is built from a set of workunits wich operate independantly. This enables a company to migrate an existing application step by step or workunit by workunit or "Think Big, Start Small".

Rich Client
Our application are full of functionality such as online data validation, drag and drop, desktop integration, etc...

Easy Maintainance and Deployment
Thanks to the Eclipse Update mechanism it is possible to provide seperately upgradable functionality for any module or work unit in the application. The application will just continue working while it is being upgraded.

Integrated Reporting 
For reporting we employ Eclipse BIRT. BIRT (BI Reporting Tools) is a hugely popular open-source reporting solution. BIRT is part of the Eclipse Foundation and usage is completely license-cost free. Birt integrates perfectly in Eclipse RCP/RAP applications.

Extended Security
Our applications are fully based on the java industry standard on Authentication and Authorization and as such integrates perfectly in your company's security systems.

You can depend on us for the complete project cycle: analysis, building and deploying the application, integrating with existing systems and data, and reporting.

We love to assist you with existing Eclipse RCP of Eclipse RAP applications or the building and maintanance of your OSGi server.

We love to share our knowledge with you through training courses for end users, developers or administrators on premise or off premise.

We are specialized in setting up and maintaining OSGi servers and Eclipse Update sites. You can call upon us to set up, maintain or even host your OSGi applications.