About us

First and foremost, we are a team of Java and Oracle specialists. Our developers have a strong tie-in with the Oracle database and are capable of writing and tuning sql statements. Moreover, we are known for our knowledge on Eclipse RCP, Eclipse RAP, Eclipse Birt and OSGi, the new standard for JEE application servers. We believe very strongly in the Eclipse platform as a framework for business applications.

Eclipse Java  Oracle  

It is a platform
This means that every developer in a company develops on this platform and therefore contributes his code or functionality to the rest of the company.

It is just java
No matter if you are coding for the web or the desktop it is just plain old java which means your java developers need little effort to start working with the Eclipse platform. As it is just Java, the framework also inherits proven Java paradigms and patterns such as Model-View-Contoller (MVC) or Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS).

It is proven
The Eclipse RCP framework has been around since the late 1990′s. Many businesses have successfully used it as an enterprise wide platform. Nasa, for example, have their Ensemble project or IBM with their Rational suite or Lotus suite. But, maybe the best proof is the most popular amongst the java IDE’s is the Eclipse IDE, which is just another application built with the Eclipse Platform.

It is maintained
The Eclipse platform is maintained by the Eclipse Foundation and continues to be developed. In fact, since 2001, there has been a new release every year!

It is free
The platform is free, no license fee, no costs,…. free.

It has a lot of functionality
The Eclipse Framework boasts features such as Cheat Sheets where, if we forget how to do something, we can open a Cheat Sheet where we can check and even execute a step by step procedure on how to do it. Or content completion and text coloring, deep linking, etc...

For more information: Eclipse RCP (desktop applications) and Eclipse RAP (browser applications)